dementia friendly communities

Engaging rural communities in dementia friendly initiatives, building awareness about dementia and reducing stigma.

A project led by the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan.

dementia friendly life enrichment program

Enhancing quality of life of individuals living with dementia in Yorkton and surrounding rural communities.

A project led by SaskAbilities – Yorkton.

a community-engaged art project

Inviting older adults living with dementia and their care partners to create art and share their stories.

A project led by the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery.

inclusive & accessible public spaces

Encouraging public facilities to be more inclusive and accessible for seniors living in Yorkton, including those living with dementia.

A project led by the City of Yorkton.

Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan focuses on improving the public’s awareness of the stigma and social isolation experienced by people with dementia and their care partners.

The project team at the University of Regina is collaborating with the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan and other provincial and local organizations to design and implement individual, community and organizational level interventions that enhance social inclusion of older adults with dementia living in small towns and rural communities in Saskatchewan.

Collaborating Organizations

Collaborating Organizations are working together to improve supports for customers, clients, and employees who are living with dementia and their care partners residing in Yorkton and surrounding areas.

The Yorkton branch of SaskAbilities, Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan, Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, and Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) are currently implementing their own sub-projects.


Selected organizations from different sectors are working collectively to build a Collective Impact approach based on their shared vision to enhance social inclusion of older adults with dementia and their care partners living in small cities and rural communities in Saskatchewan.

Individual, community, and organizational level services are essential to support those with dementia, and their care partners, in their own communities so that they can successfully age in place.

community presentations

Watch video presentations about each sub-project of Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan.


Download reports and articles, including a needs assessment and policy brief written by project team members.

project evaluation

Read about project impacts made at the Individual, Organizational, and Community level over the past two years.

project news

Find out about project updates, new programs, local events, and more.

Read past issues of the project newsletter: