Awareness Campaign & Dementia Friendly Initiatives

As part of the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan project, the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan will connect with local communities in and around Yorkton with a focus on building awareness about dementia, reducing stigma, and inviting the involvement of organizations and businesses in dementia friendly community initiatives that can improve accessibility and inclusion for people living with dementia.

The Alzheimer Society aims to be an active and supporting partner in the project, helping to build the capacity of the other participating local organizations and assisting in making their individual projects and initiatives successful. In pursuit of these goals, they are creating a new staff position located in the region, while also developing new resources that will empower individuals and organizations to learn more and better engage people with dementia and their care partners. 

The Alzheimer Society is pleased to be part of the Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan project. They believe the overall project will increase the social inclusion of people affected by dementia in Yorkton and the surrounding communities and envision this impact lasting long after the project itself concludes.

The Alzheimer’s Society’s aspiration is to take the experience gained from this exciting and innovative SPHERU-led project and apply these learnings to help other communities throughout Saskatchewan become more supportive, inclusive, and accessible for people living with dementia and their care partners.

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan empowers people to live well with dementia while funding research into prevention, causes and cures.


If you are interested in learning more about this project, please email:

Jackie Hofstrand, BSc.
Dementia Community Coordinator
Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan