Scaling up RaDAR Primary Health Care
Memory Clinics in Rural Saskatchewan

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Project Update
February 2024

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Project Update
December 2023

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Project Update
July 2023

The University of Regina’s Dementia Supports in Rural Saskatchewan (DSRS) team, working in collaboration with the University of Saskatchewan’s Rural Dementia Action Research (RaDAR) team, have established a memory clinic in the Esterhazy District Medical Clinic. The clinic provides assessment and management support for people with symptoms or concerns about dementia, including memory loss… READ MORE

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This new project launched in October 2022. The RaDAR (Rural Dementia Action Research) team will implement and sustain rural memory clinics in the Yorkton area in collaboration with primary healthcare professionals and Saskatchewan Health Authority leadership. This University of Saskatchewan-based project will support greater social inclusion of people living with dementia by building capacity and establishing services for dementia diagnosis and ongoing management directly in local rural areas.


Rural PHC Memory Clinic Video (short)

Rural PHC Memory Clinic Video (long)

About RaDAR Memory Clinics:

  • 1-day memory clinics are held every 1-2 months in each community, with 2 new patients assessed each day.

Interprofessional Care

  • Memory clinic teams include a family physician/nurse practitioner, home care nurse/social worker, occupational and/or physical therapists, and Alzheimer Society First Link Coordinator.
  • 3-hr clinic appointment includes team meetings with patient and family, patient assessments by team members, and family consult with First Link Coordinator

For more information, visit the Rural Dementia Action Research website


If you are interested in learning more about this project, please email:

Dr. Debra Morgan
Canadian Centre for Health & Safety in Agriculture
College of Medicine
University of Saskatchewan