Project Update
June 2023

Addressing dementia in the community of  Île-à-la-Crosse:

To enhance the quality of life of Métis people aging with dementia, and their families/caregivers, through social inclusion in the Métis community of Île-à-la-Crosse. This project will work with the Sakitawak Elders Group established in the community.

Program Delivery:

A Métis community-based intergenerational dementia support group will provide guidance, expertise, and oversight of the 15-month early intervention planning and implementation.

The intervention will begin with a planning meeting of the Métis intergenerational dementia support group for a community-wide launch/workshop, which will constitute the first intervention activity. This workshop will unite diverse community members aging with dementia, their families and caregivers, including other key community decision-makers, health professionals, and service leaders. Youth from the community will support the launch event and be included throughout all intervention activities.

Events will include food, entertainment (music, art, and other activities) integrated with conversations and questions about the intervention activities, as is the norm for Métis gatherings. A Métis artist will engage in the intervention by capturing conversations, ideas, and stories via visual notetaking and storyboarding.

Seasonal activity-centred visiting will be organized, such as beading, jam making, cooking, puzzles, art, carving, gardening, walking and harvesting, with opportunities to link with youth during these activities. The coordinator will also convene monthly meetings of the intergenerational support group generating such deliverables as videos, podcasts, radio & call-in shows, family support guides, and facilitated discussions.


If you are interested in learning more about this project, please email:

Dr. Sarah Oosman
Assistant Professor
University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Sylvia Abonyi
Assistant Professor
University of Saskatchewan

Edna Daigneault
Sakitawak Elders Group
Community Member