Needs Assessment

Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District (PVSCRD) launched a project to assess which business and community services and programs could be enhanced or created to promote inclusion of people with dementia and their caregivers. Project Facilitator Marilyn Bader conducted an environmental scan and needs assessment of business sectors, services and programs in the PVSCRD district.

A needs assessment measures the gap between a current situation and the desired outcomes. Throughout the research:

  • the current situation was assessed;
  • the desired outcomes were clarified and validated by stakeholders; and
  • achievable recommendations for bridging the gap between the two were made.

A variety of research techniques were used to compile data during a needs assessment, including literature/online reviews, interviews, focus groups, and surveys.

In December 2020, PVSCRD conducted a survey studying ways to create dementia-friendly, socially-inclusive activities in small and rural communities. The research focus areas included Preeceville, Sturgis, Norquay, Canora, Kamsack, Ituna, Yorkton and Melville.

The collected data is summarized in the final report with recommendations for moving toward the outcomes: Needs Assessment Report

Within the parameters of PVSCRD’s mandate, the recommendations were guided by the following overall goals to:

  • improve public awareness to address issues of dementia stigma and related social isolation;
  • support social inclusion for those with dementia and their care partners; and
  • improve availability and appropriateness of community supports for people affected by dementia.


If you are interested in learning more about this project, please email:

Chelsey Johnson
Parkland Valley Sport, Culture & Recreation District